A new era total solution | Viiplus international Manufacting – Bronze Bushings,Valve bronze steel Bearings PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings

A new era total solution | Viiplus international Manufacting – Bronze Bushings,Valve bronze steel Bearings PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings

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A new era total solution 


 Parts for Butterfly valves

Teflon Bushings

VIIPLUS bushings are the most demanded type of bushings because of their self-lubricant structure providing high performance and low costs. The advantage of SF bushings is that different materials are sintered on layers thus necessary specifications can be obtained easily. It is possible to adjust the thickness of the layer, friction coefficient by changing the material, wear resistance and service life in order to make it possible for these bushings to work in acidic or alkaline working environments.


Technical Specifications:

viiplus bushings are able to perform for a long period with low friction in low oil or oil-free areas.

  • Spread load thanks to their elasticity, prevent vibration and noise.

  • Can easily be applied on parts with various rigidity.

  • Non-stick structure improves accuracy of equipment.

Structure of VSB-10 bushings can be classified as plumbiferous PTFE, bronze, steel from the inside out. Percentage of PTFE and lead can be changed in compliance with working speed of the system. They can perform for a longer period in various areas with main element modification from steel to bronze or stainless steel.

Main difference of VSB-20 bushings is that the inner surface is POM-fiber with grooves. They have a higher load capacity and provide longer service life. Tips of the grooves are curved, providing higher wear resistance and lubricating capacity.

Materials of SF bushings are steel & cell-sintered bronze, PTFE & Pb, bronze & cell-sintered bronze & PTFE & Pb, steel & cell-sintered bronze & PTFE & Pb & thermoplastic polymer, etc.

Areas of Use for Teflon Bushings: 

  • Joint parts in automotive industry

  • Hydraulic pumps,

  • Forklifts and lift trucks,

  • Textile machines,

  • Agricultural equipment,

  • Pneumatic equipment

Shaft bearing: nylon and PTFE

Design features

Pos  Name

1  Body

2  Valve disc

3  Output stem

4  Disc

5  Seat ring

6  Bearing bush

7  O-ring

8  Snap ring

9  Bearing bush (2x)

position  name  spare part  position  name  spare part

1  Body  14  Cage  X

2  Valve disc  15  O-Ring  X

3  Profiled gasket (II)  X  16  Locking ring  X

4  Clamping ring (II)  17  Trunnion

5  Washer(II)  18  Stop disc  X

6  Hexagonal bolt (II)


O-Ring  X

7  Threaded screw (II)


Bearing cap

8  O-Ring  21  Washer

9  Seal cage


Hexagonal bolt

10  Bushes  23  Profiled gasket (I)  X

11  Actuator shaft  24  Countersunk screw (I)  X

12  Parallelkey  25  Threaded screw (I)  X

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         Stainless steel backing DU bushing for Valves


DU Stainless steel backing PTFE coated composite bushing VSB10 is based on Stainless steel 304 or Stainless steel 316  back sintering with a bronze powder intermediate layer, then coated with a PTFE inner lay.


Due to the stainless steel backing it has very good performance of anti-corrosive, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-salty liquid charactors.

The PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene ,Teflon) material also can be used for corrosive and chemical liquid, also it is soft so be used for sealing.


This kind of bushing can be widely used in chemical industry such as acid/alkali flow indicator, pumps, valves etc.

For example,more and more valves manufactures using our stainless steel backing bushing for spindle position,like butterfly valves.

Comparing to brass bushing or ceramics bushing, our customers are very satisfied with this bushing as it no needs oil lubricating, with long life time, with sealing function, easy to install and cost saving.


Technical data:

Load capacity100N/mm2  

Temperature-190°C ~+280°C  

Speed limit2.5m/s  

Friction coef (μ)0.03~0.18 PV  

limitdry):3.0N/mm2 .m/s PV  

limitoil):40N/mm2 .m/s 

                                                                                                 CONCENTRIC BUTTERFLY VALVE

                                                                                                                            SELF LUBRICATING BEARINGS for VALVE




The shaft is carried in four bushings with shaft

deflection  due  to  high  pressure  being

prevented, thus ensuring optimal guidance,

positive location and long life.

                                                                                                      DU Oilless Bushing                     


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