GEROLLTE GLEITLAGER (CUSN8) bushing Bearings for Manufacturing | VIIPLUS

GEROLLTE GLEITLAGER (CUSN8) bushing Bearings for Manufacturing | VIIPLUS

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wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8P, Low-maintenance

Technical details

Specific load capacity static ≤ 120 [N/mm2]

·         Specific load capacity dynamic ≤ 40 [N/mm2]

·         Sliding speed ≤ 2.5 [m/s] depending on lubrication

·         Friction value 0.05 [µ] to 0.12 [µ]

·         Temperature strain - 40 [°C] to + 250 [°C]

·         Max. PV-value 2.8 [N/mm² x m/s


·         Support material CuSn8P

·         alternative CuSn6P available

Tolerance details

·         Housing Ø H7

·         Bushing inner-Ø after mounting H9

·         Shaft tolerance f7 to h8


·         Economic solution for bronze bearing application due to a thin wall thickness. High load capability and good stability with low abrasion. Suitable for rough working conditions, good corrosion resistance. Lubrication holes for maximum grease storage and the lowest maintenance intervals.

Range of application

·         Agriculture machinery, truck cranes & construction machinery, suitable for impact loads


·         It is a low maintenance bushing material. An initial greasing during installation is necessary, after that periodic greasing with oil or grease is mandatory. The lubrication holes are an excellent lubrication depot and keeping maintenance to a minimum.


The VSB22 ranges are made entirely of CuSn8. The working surface is rolled with diamond indentations or stamped with oil grooves. On assembly or during operation the indentations can be filled with grease or oil which acts as a resevoir creating excellent long term lubrication.

The bronze bearings are produced from phosphor bronze alloy rolled strip which is hard and has an excellent finish. The material composition is as follows:



Cu - Balance

Sn - 8.5%

P -   0.2%

The VSB-22 range is another extremely versatile range. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your specific project requirements. The bronze bearings can be offered with pockets, grooves or thru-holes for heavier applications.


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