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 Viiplus International | Design | Sliding Composite Bearings | Valve Components | Engineered Valve Bearings  Solutions VSB-10 Plain Bearings

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  • Metal-polymer Composite Bearings

  • for all the global industry

  •  Provide high-quality self-lubricating products Solution 

  • viiplus international plain or solid bearings are the least expensive type of bearing.


  • They comprise of a bearing surface with no rolling element and are lightweight, compact and have a high load capacity, which can be used in a wide range of applications.


  • Our extensive range of plain bearings includes dry, lubricated, parallel and flanged. They have a very good wear and friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperature conditions.


  • Suitable applications can include: lifting equipment, hydraulic pumps and motors, pneumatic equipment, medical and scientific equipment, textile machinery and agricultural machinery and equipment.



The shaft is carried in four bushings with shaft

deflection  due  to  high  pressure  being

prevented, thus ensuring optimal guidance,

positive location and long life.

These materiais consist of metal backing bonded to a prous bronze sintered layer with PTFE based Polymer bearing layer.The metal backing provides mechanical strength, while the bronze sinter layer provides a strong mechanical bonding between the backing and the bearing lining,the PTFE based polymer offers exceptional low friction even under dry condition and the thermoplastic based polymer is generally designed to operate with marginal lubrication.

Technical details

·         Specific load capacity static ≤ 250 [N/mm2]

·         Specific load capacity dynamic ≤ 140 [N/mm2] at low sliding speed

·         Sliding speed ≤ 2.5 [m/s]

·         Friction value 0.03 [µ] to 0.25 [µ]

·         Temperature strain -195 [°C] to +280 [°C]


·         Support material Steel tin-plated

·         Intermediate layer Sintered bronze

·         Sliding layer PTFE

Tolerance details

·         Housing Ø H7

·         Bushing inner-Ø after mounting H9

·         Shaft tolerance f7 or h8


It is a maintenance-free material due to the PTFE sliding layer. Outstanding sliding and wear performance. High load capacity and very versatile bushing.

Range of application

·         hydraulic cylinders, cranes and construction machinery, all sorts of production machinery, pumps and medial devices



·         It is maintenance-free with a PTFE sliding layer. It is not necessary to lubricate this material, but basically possible!





Suitable for dry running with a low coefficient of friction. Low wear rate, good sliding characteristics, the transfer film created will protect the mating metal surface. Suitable for rotary and oscillating movement, high chemical resistance. Performance improves with lubrication.


PTFE/Fibre mixture thickness 0.01~0.03mm, provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surfaces of the bearing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film.

Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm,provides Max. thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface, Also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE-Fibre.

Low-carbon steel, gives exceptionally high load carrying capacityand heat dissipation.

Copper/Tin plating thickness0.002mm, provides good corrosion resistance.

Typical Applications

Automotive: power steering cylinders, steering gear thrust washers, disc brakes, callipers, pistons, shock absorbers, governor linkage, windshield wiper motor, tilt gear assemblies etc

Office machinery: photocopy machines, typewriters, mail sorters, postage meter systems, computer terminal printers, automatic printing devices, mail processing machinery.

Hydraulics and valves: pumps including gear, rotary, water, axial piston, and ball, butterfly, poppet steam type valves.

Home appliances: tape recorders, refrigerators, air conditioners, sewing machines, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines... And

Materials handling: examples include- packaging, lifting, conveyor and textile equipment.

VSB-10 (see the above profile picture) is backed with copperplated steel with porous bronze sintered on the steel and polymers imbedded into the bores of the bronze. The steel back provides the bush made by VSB10 with stronger mechanic strength and load capability. By combining the metals and the polymers together, its products are endowed with the lower friction coefficient and good capacity of anti-abrasion and selflubrication. Moreover, the steel back is plated with a erosionprevention layer. Products of VSB-10 series are widely applied in printing, weaving and tobacco producing machines, gymnastic equipments, rock absorbers, etc.



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