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in providing a wide range of sliding bearing solutions which are specifically designed for this industry and its applications. 



Our bearings are being used in all sorts of machinery needed in this industry such as in pumps, compressors, valves and motors used for the extraction, refining, transport and storage of oil and natural gas. VIIPLUS bearings feature high performing material options, shapes and sizes, which are supporting the oil & gas industry to drive performance to new levels, particularly in the remote and subsea oil & gas applications.




Manufactures of oil & gas equipment from all over the world are turning to VIIPLUS as by placing bearings their equipment will provide excellent levels of performance and reliability.



s Solutions For Oil & Gas Extraction With Excellence

  • Fair Leads, Winches, Universal      Joints Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings and Bushings

  • Iron Rough Neck Units

  • Hydraulics Rough Neck Units

  • Marine Systems & Applications      

  • Crane Assemblies &      Applications self lubricating sleeve bearings

  • Hang off's sleeve bearing

  • Connectors spherical plain bearing

  • Tensioner Systems plastic bush manufacturers

  • Riser Pull In Systems

  • Loading Arms & Couplings

  • Stinger Systems plastic bearing manufacturers

  • Pipe Equipment & Couplings

  • Sheaves plastic bearing manufacturers

  • Top Drive & Well Head Systems

  • Tube Handlings

  • Valves

  • Actuators

  • Dredging Systems plastic bearing manufacturers

  • Auxiliary Equipment

  • Production Equipments

  • Water & Gas Tight Doors

Valves split bush bearing

  • TMBV

  • Butterfly valves

  • Control valves

  • Dual Plate Check valves

  • Needle valves

  • Swing Check valves

  • Eccentric Plug valves

  • Dumper BFV





How VIIPLUS Sliding Bearings Help you To Build outstanding Equipment

The VIIPLUS extensive experience and knowledge of self-lubricating bearings enable our technical team to work closely with each customer to design and implement application-specific bearing solutions, in a way which contains following properties and which enhance the complete systems of our customers:

  • Maintenance-free operations due to the solid      lubricant content of the sliding material.

  • Performing with high static and dynamic loads.

  • Very low coefficient of friction without      stick-slip effects.

  • Resistant to dirt, corrosion, impact stress and      edge loadings.

  • Large working temperature range.

  • Large material base for prevention of bi-metallic      corrosions & resistance to other types of corrosions.

  • Can perfectly work in sea water applications.

  • No water absorption.

  • Dimensional accuracy.

  • Compact designs.

  • Longer life than conventional and standard      bearings.

  • Design flexibility.


DRILLING PLATFORM Self-lubricating Bushings


Bearings for offshore platforms and oil & gas industry | VIIPLUS Bearings



VIIPLUS Oil and Gas Equipment Bearings – Stainless Steel Bearings

Oil & gas bearings:, heavy-duty & self-lubricating bearings are suited for use in oil & gas industry. Drilling equipment, pumps, valves, offshore ...


Self-Lubricating Bearings

Radial, thrust, rod ends, spherical

bearings, high temperature, high loads.

Available in inch and metric sizes.

self-lubricating bearings.

Self-lubricating bearings for Marine and Offshore Applications



Design, Reseach & Development

calotte bearing for pivot points

tex Bushing


VIIPLUS offer design engineers an attractive, cost effective alternative to the traditional materials used for bushings, bearings, wear pads, and thrust washers

Split Bearings

Flange Bearings


Self-Lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Sleeve Bushings Now Available Online


We believe…our success depends on your success.



Bearings and Componments


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