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Municipal Application

Self-lubricating bushing advantages: 
Maintenance free feature helps to reduce operation cost and minimize waisted oil pollutions; 
Light weight design helps to reduce total weight of the buildings and minimize carbon emission; 
The weather resistance of high molecular material helps to prolong the lifetime of municipal facilities; 
Stabilized friction factor helps to maintain similar friction of the starting operation and normal running period which could avoid possible vibration damages to the facilities; 
Dust resistance feature helps to the outdoor and dust exposure applications; 
Chemical resistance feature helps the application under the high or low temperature area, seaside or radiation exposure environment; 
High load feature helps to decrease facilities unit loading area and thus to reduce the size of structure; Low noise feature helps to minimize noise generating with the applications even under dry condition.

Construction Machinery

After years of efforts, the company's self-lubricating bearings have been served on each member walking mechanism chassis, body parts, hydraulic components. Including bimetallic rolling bearings boundary lubrication, metal-based self-lubricating bearings and metal-plastic self-lubricating rolling bearings. These bearings have a material under high load conditions excellent wear resistance and anti-dust performance, while self-lubricating bearing technology enables greatly extended maintenance cycles, improve equipment utilization, reduce maintenance costs.

BuildingGymnasium self lubricating bearings



Bearings and Componments


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