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   Logistics Application

 VIIPLUS self-lubricated bearings are designed to service the most demanding heavy duty applications. VIIPLUS bearings resist impact, operate in dusty dry conditions and reduce costly and time consuming lubrication maintenance. Applications within mining, forestation, earth moving, sewage treatment, cranes, elevators and heavy machinery are suitable candidates for VIIPLUS Bearings.

Axial self-lubricated bearings

Brake System self-lubricated bearings

viiplus self-lubricated bearings

self-lubricated bearings Port Machinery

Forest Machine self-lubricated bearings

Forklifts self-lubricated bearings

Logistic Equipments

Logistics port

After years of effort, our business has been self-lubricating bearings are served on each member walking mechanism chassis, body parts, hydraulic components. Including bimetallic rolling bearings boundary lubrication, metal-based self-lubricating bearings and metal-plastic self-lubricating rolling bearings. These bearings have a material under high load conditions excellent wear resistance and anti-dust performance, while self-lubricating bearing technology enables greatly extended maintenance cycles, improve equipment utilization, reduce maintenance costs.


Bearing VIIPLUS is widely used in logistic Equipments like Heavy duty truck,forklift and etc.

Bimetal Bushing: Rocker arm bushing,starter rear cover,clutch pilot,leaf spring,balance shaft,reducer, clutch

Bushing: Connecting rod,camshaft

Bimetal Bearing: Track roller

Brake system

Bushing: Forklift



Bearings and Componments

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