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Auto Application

With the advantages of light weight, low noise and self-lubricating features, our bearings are widely used in the automotive industrial and the applications are still under fast developing. Currently, there are over 50 bushings being used in each of the passenger cars and more and more traditional needle bearing, sintered bearings are been replacing by the self-lubricating bearings. In addition to the bushing, the self-lubricating materials are applied to the other non-bearing parts such as the new resin coated air conditioner swash plate and other structure parts we had already developed. VIIPLUS self-lubricating materials provide not only functional parts to the automotive industry but also provide a solution to this industry for environment protection with the materials.



Specially developed in line with RoHS environmental requirements of the SELF-LUBRICANT  BUSHINGS and other self-lubricating bearing material for automotive neighborhood, a passenger on at least 30 or more sites with a self-lubricating bearings. For example: tensioner pulley, air conditioning compressors, secondary air valves, fuel pump, starter motor, gearbox, steering pumps, steering, shock absorbers, brake systems, pedal assembly, seat adjustment systems, door hinge, trunk hinges, hood hinges, wiper and so on.
At the same time, in all kinds of commercial vehicles and trucks it is also widely used a variety of self-lubricating bearings, including engine connecting rods, transmission, balance shafts and other parts.

Steering & Suspension System

Self-Lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Sleeve Bushings Now Available Online

Shock Absorber self lubricating bearings

Steering self lubricating bearings

Booster Pump self lubricating bearings

Power Transmission System self lubricating bearings

Double Mass Flywheel

DMF self lubricating bearings 

Double Mass Flywheel Spring(DMF Spring)        

Double quality flywheel will be the original a flywheel is divided into two parts, part of the reserves in the position of the original engine side, have the effect of the original flywheel, is used to transfer the rotation torque of the engine starting and quality of this part is called the first (primary) quality, one self lubricating bearings in the the first (primary) quality. The other part is placed at the side of the transmission system transmission, used to improve the rotary inertia of the transmission quality of this part is called the second (sub) quality.The two parts of the flywheel have a ring-shaped oil chamber with a spring shock absorber in the chamber, which is connected by a spring shock absorber to a whole.

Damper self lubricating bearings

DMF self lubricating bearings

Pulley Bush self lubricating bearings

Compressor self lubricating bearings

Tensioner self lubricating bearings

Oil Pump self lubricating bearings

Throttle self lubricating bearings

Connecting Rod self lubricating bearings

Starter self lubricating bearings

Body System

Mirror Adjust self lubricating bearings

Window Regulator self lubricating bearings

Wiper self lubricating bearings

Trunk Hinge self lubricating bearings

Door Hinge self lubricating bearings

Chair Frame self lubricating bearings

Recliner self lubricating bearings

Height Adjuster self lubricating bearings


Tyre Mould self lubricating bearings

Front Lamp Adjust self lubricating bearings

Pedal self lubricating bearings

Magnet Value self lubricating bearings

Transmission self lubricating bearings

Gear Shift Fork self lubricating bearings

Brake self lubricating bearings

Shifting Gears self lubricating bearings

VIIPLUS INTERNATIONAL long-term commitment to the production and research and development of self-lubricated

bearings (domestic: plain bearings, composite bearings, bushings, bushings, oil-free bearings, solid mosaic bearing,

dry bearings, bearings, plane bearings, bushingsbimetal bearings, self-lubricating bearings, oil lubricated bearings, etc.)

business entities. such products are mainly used in the automotive industry (knuckle bushing, arm bushing the booster

pump bushings, shock absorbers), valves,valve, lifts, pallet trucks, electric tools, textile machinery, rubber machinery, printing

machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery, fitness equipment, irrigation

machinery, machine tools, turbine, steam turbine, injection molding machines, plasticmolding machine, metallurgical

equipment, molds, hydraulic machinery, cylinders, pneumatic components, fuel tanks, oil machinery, plastic machinery,

pharmaceutical machinery, automation equipment, engineering machinery, construction machinery, forging equipment,

chemical machinery, steel rolling equipment. walks of lifemany manufacturers use the same kind of ring microscope,

feedback information to make our technology continue to improve, increasing product quality, and to gradually improve the

VIIPLUS INTERNATIONAL, we will be the most dedicated attitude good service every VIIPLUS customers.



Bearings and Componments


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