Self lubricating bearings Solutions in power transmission


Self lubricating bearings Solutions in power transmission 

Industry’s always “Keep moving.” Trust viiplus to

deliver the durable, cost-effective Self lubricating bearings you need.

Slovenia PSMF sintered bronze, flanged PTFE composite

Bearings, Bushings and Washers

The design and materials used in the manufacture of bearings for internal combustion engines are specially matched to each specific application. We recognize that every bearing has its own individual function.

Bearings come in different forms depending on where they are to be installed. For radial loads, bearing shells and bushings are used, while for axial loads, thrust washers or thrust collars are required. manufactures and supplies:

Connecting rod (big-end) bearings

Connecting rod (small-end) bushings

Crankshaft main bearings

Thrust bearings and washers

Piston pin bushings

Camshaft bearings and bushings

Mass balancer shaft bearings and bushings

Valve rocker bushings

Idler gear bushings

Connecting Rod BushingsVIIPLUS manufactures and supplies: Connecting rod (big-end) bearings; Connecting rod (small-end) bushings; Crankshaft main bearings; Thrust bearings and washers; Piston pin bushings; Camshaft bearings and bushings; Mass balancer shaft bearings and bushings; Valve rocker bushings; Idler gear bushings.

Engineering Self lubricating bearings solutions in Helical Reducer

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in self lubricating bearings. 

We provide high quality self lubricating bearings and professional transmission solutions to satisfy the most demanding needs for industrial processes. 

All the products are systematic and modular designed and has a wide range of adaptability.

Gear Pump

Speed Reducers

Gear Reducers


we have manufactured bearings with layers of self-lubricating material that for  gears, pumps, valves and other equipment requiring bearing materials.

Lead-free, environmentally friendly

Produced in a solvent-free process

High delivery performance

Broad product portfolio available

Bearings, Spacer & plates 

Graphite copper sleeve is a self-lubricating bearing material that consists of a high quality bearing bronze 

with Graphite copper . A thin film of solid lubricant aids the running-in process if required.

Graphite copper sleeve

allows replacement for lubricated bronze bearings with a maintenance-free alternative.


 - is suitable for large dimensions

 - has a low friction coefficient

 - has a high wear resistance

 - allows a high durability

Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8 with Grease Reservoirs


Helical Reducer self lubricating bearings

Helical-bevel Reducer bronze bushing

Parallel Shaft Helical Reducer boccole

Why viiplus Bearings, Bars & Plates ?

Exceed industry standards


Have longer in-field life (less downtime)

Are stronger and have greater thrust loads


Demonstrate lot-to-lot consistency in quality

Offer a wide range of lubrication possibilities


Viiplus also offers a wide variety of high quality self lubricating bearings options.



   Bearings and Componments 

 " Free sample available "  



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