Bushes Flanged Bushes Ljubljana, Slovenija Larger flanged bush PSMF bronze flanged bushes sockets




composite plain bearings Compact and maintenance-free

                Straight bushings PTFE composite

Butt joint bushing 

Characteristics  composite plain bearings include 

• maintenance-free

 • no lubrication required (PTFE composite) 

• initial lubrication required (POM composite) 

• minimum wall thickness, minimum space requirements 

• accommodation of heavy loads

 • wide range of operating temperatures 

• good sliding properties

 • virtually no stick-slip 

• high wear-resistance

 • less sensitive to edge loading (POM composite) 

• no machining required. 

PBM bushing                                               
PBMF Bushing 
PRM Bushing
PRMF Bushing
PCM Bushing
PCMF Bushing
PCMW Bushing 
POM Composite – thrust washers
PI Stainless Backed Composite Plain bearing

 • straight bushings

 • flanged bushings

 • thrust washers

 • strips.

POM composite Flanged bushings PTFE composite Thrust washers PTFE composite

PTFE Composite PCM Bushes PCMF Bushes Flanged Bushes

 Ljubljana, Slovenija Larger flanged bush PSMF bronze flanged bushes sockets graphite 

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Wrapped BronzeSolid Bronze

PTFE Composite

POM Composite

Stainless Backed Composite

Solid Bronze – flanged cylindrical bushings

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