China Self Lubricating bearing Company factory Overview


VIIPLUS is a Professional design、made and sales self-lubricating bearing company. we are always depend on maturetechnic,

advanced equipment, perfect art and inspectartifice,

manfacture the self-lubricating bearing suit for kinds of operating condition,

the products: VSB-10 oilless bearing、

VSB-80 bimetal bearing、VBS-50 solid lubricant embedded bearing、VSB-22 bronze bearing, etc. It is widely applied to bus industry, buliding engineering machine、water conservancy machine、plastic machine printing packing machine and need drive or without oil or with little oil form lubrication.The product is deeply subjected to domestic and

international customer's good opinion!

VIIPLUS company will provide the best product、

in reason price and flawless service to customers.


   Bearings and Componments 

 " Free sample available "  





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